Mason Design LLC.

Unique designs of Aromatic French Milled Guest Soaps...

Beautiful Bath Oils, Bath Salts, Sachets and so much more.

We Invite You to Luxuriate in the Bath and Home Fragrance Collections Inspired by France...

Designed from Nature...

Hand made in America...To Seduce Your Senses.

The Creation and Philosophy of Le Spa and Le Sachet is borne from the concepts of Gentle and Natural...

Living, growing, life-affirming treasures of the earth and sea are picked fresh in their habitat where sweet rains, coastal breezes, underground springs and Mediterranean sun combine into a symphony of life-restoring pathways to health and beauty. This is the South of France, the country of Le Spa and Le Sachet... where life enhances life.

Relax and enjoy the serene breeze from the fields of Grasse where dew-moistened bushes, trees and flowers are heavy with the scents of Jasmine, Rose, Mimosa, Lavender and hundreds of more aromas. Inhale the freshness of the sea and all the benefits of its waters. This is the land of Le Spa and Le Sachet.

Le Spa or Le Sachet is not a single place, but a state of mind. An escape to one's own privacy of thoughts... a chance to pamper, awaken or indulge oneself with a collage of infinite pleasures designed from seduce your senses.

The aromas of Le Spa and Le Sachet are created from natural extracts, essential oils and essences. Imagine warm sunshine, crystalline water and gentle breezes with scents of their own... these are the scents of Le Spa and Le Sachet.

Le Spa and Le Sachet products are beautiful accents for the home. Designed with whimsy, fantasy or classicism, Le Spa and Le Sachet offer a wide range of choices. The most discriminating client appreciates unique gifts of Aromatic French Milled Guest Soaps, Bath Oils, Bath Salts, Sachets and Fragrant Seashells.

The contents of the collections are free of all animal-derived ingredients and mineral oil. And, of course, nothing is ever tested on animals!

Le Spa and Le Sachet... created for you to enjoy in the privacy of your own home... Naturally.

Please check back with us frequently to see our latest designs and collections.

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